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  • Enacto

                 Energy Intelligence you can act on 


Enacto™ - Software Suite



Whether you would like to have better visibility of your energy consumption, maximise and sustain your energy savings or future proof your energy saving strategies, Enacto™ is the next-generation energy management solution that multi-site commercial companies can rely on.

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Enacto™ delivers comprehensive, accurate and actionable energy intelligence to energy managers to allow them to reduce energy costs and increase savings. Enacto™ brings features and enhanced functionality to meet the evolving needs of multi-site organisations in the commercial and retail sectors.


The latest version of the company’s pioneering Enacto™ energy monitoring management platform and portfolio enables users to examine different assets and equipment at site level, while building a clear and concise view of energy usage across the broader estate. This level of visibility ensures users can see where energy is being wasted and unlock hidden patterns in their organisation’s energy consumption to improve business performance.


Enacto™ is a cloud-hosted platform with built-in intelligence and self-learning capability. It analyses data and automatically alerts energy managers to areas needing attention. Furthermore, the platform learns from the actions taken in order to prevent unnecessary alarms being raised in the future. Optimum savings can be achieved with Enacto™’s enhanced, flexible and granular reporting, across any asset or site measurement point. 


Enacto™ is the direct result of our heritage and front-line experience, with major commercial multi-site enterprises globally giving a unique approach to energy visualisation and management within the context of a company’s real-world needs and processes. It brings a new level of automation by enabling energy managers to overcome the deluge of data and target areas that deliver the greatest savings.


Enacto Suite overview


Enacto Collect

To perform proper energy management, good data is everything. Enacto Collect provides you with all the tools you need to ensure your meter data is ready for analysis.  

  • Avoid additional capital expenditures by giving you the freedom to stay with your preferred meter suppliers.
  • Collect multi-utility data and bring in additional information such as renewables data, BMS information, weather parameters or budget figures.
  • Ensure all collected data is correct, reliable and free of discrepancies.
  • Verify, edit, confirm or replace manual and/or automatic energy data coming from meters and data loggers.
  • Avoid erroneous reports and misinterpretation of data.


Enacto Insight

Enacto Insight gives energy managers and store managers insight into energy consumption, trends and anomalies of all assets across an entire store or building portfolio.

The application guides and assists in detecting and analysing energy waste and suggests corrective actions reducing the loss of achieved savings.  

  • Focus on the key energy exceptions.
  • Reduce operational cost with the incorporated self-improving mechanism.
  • Extend the lifecycle of your assets and maximise the efficiency of your maintenance contract.
  • Keep control of your energy budget.
  • Avoid purchasing energy at premium prices.
  • Ensure your energy savings initiatives are saving you money.


Enacto Analytics

Enacto Analytics is an advanced reporting suite allowing you to swiftly access and consolidate your data enabling the presentation for your whole estate to all levels in the organisation.  

  • Present analytical energy data to all levels in the organisation.
  • Create your own insightful and powerful reports.
  • Spot, analyse and react immediately to energy drift.
  • Build your own dazzling dashboards and share with your colleagues.
  • Check your energy performance anywhere, anytime using smartphones and tablets.